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Welding inverter for TIG and MMA

  • Fitted with a microprocessor that controls all the welding parameters
  • Designed for heavy duty work, even outdoors under very harsh climatic conditions
  • TIG pulse, BILEVEL - two currents
  • Adjustable up and down slope, post gas, final current
  • Synergie

ALFIN 171 W MAX is equipped with two unique welding processes
START Q (Quality) - used primarily to ease making  perfect welding tacks. In addition, when using Q START the tack are absolutely without any burn stains on the material.
MULTI-TACK - used for welding very thin sheets without deformation. In this process, welding current is periodically switched off and switched on. The current period is optional, off-period current is fixed. When using MULTI-TACK  of ALFIN 171 W Max the welder can  weld such materials that other machines cannot weld in  the required quality.


Method MMA / TIG 
Mains voltage 1x230/50-60 V/Hz
Welding current range 5-150 / 5-170 A
Welding current (DC=100%) I2/U2 120/24,8 / 120/14,8 A/V
Welding current (DC=60%) I2/U2 130/25,2 / 140/15,6 A/V
Welding current (DC=x%) I2/U2 50%=150/26,0 / 40%=170/16,8 A/V
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